How the 15-minute day will transform you into the most productive you

Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time to get things done? Like you just do not have time to exercise or home cook a delicious meal on top of everything else you have to get done? No? Well then this blog post isn’t for you. But if you want to find out how one simple trick can help you prioritise your day and make you insanely productive, energised and on top of your game then I invite you to scroll down.


I recently read this exemplary piece of literary genius about 11 Things Ultra-Productive People Do Differently. Ok so maybe I am over enthusiastic but I am that ecstatic about what I have discovered. This article has led me to discover diarising my day by 15-minute increments.

Wait, don’t get ahead of yourself…

I know you may be thinking that not a lot can be done in 15 minutes, and it seems ludicrous to constantly be DOING something, but let me just put you at ease and tell you that I will encourage you to schedule in some R&R as well. 15 minutes does not mean you have to complete a task in 15 minutes, you can use four of these 15 minutes if you so please to create one productive hour.

Yes I don’t work a traditional 9-5, but we all have stuff to do and we all have 24 hours to work with; you choose how to schedule your to do list.

In fact I have a friend, a working mom of a toddler with another baby on the way, and her life has been revolutionised by the 15 minute day; so it’s for anyone and everyone! I don’t care if you’re the president, you can do it.

Use it at work, use it at home, tell your friends and embrace the 15 minute day.

Things it will help you discover:

  1. How much time you waste on nothing
  2. How much you CAN get done in 15 minutes
  3. How much you have procrastinated a 10 minute task for for a whole year (yup, that’s me)
  4. You will be consumed with energy and self pride
  5. 30 minutes of exercise isn’t impossible
  6. Once you have set aside time for things you will feel obligated to do them instead of wondering what to do next, or being distracted by other things.
  7. You will sit back and enjoy your 1 hour lunch break, or reading your new book with zero guilt

How to apply it to your day:

Step One: Get a journal, or a piece of paper if you’re so against the wondrous yet humble journal.


I am dying for this one. BUY here

Step Two: Scribble down all the things that are overwhelming you that you need to do that week.

Step Three: Split those tasks across the week

Step Four: One day at a time fill your 15-minute calendar with those things

Step Five: Make sure you have scheduled time for; breakfast, lunch, dinner, a luxurious shower/bath, exercise, cooking, a Face Time catch up with a friend/family or anything else that makes your heart sing. Then do those things with complete abandonment and unadulterated joy.


Step Six: Get going!

Remember: Don’t criticise yourself if you go over the allotted time, you will make it up or move it to the next day. If you finish something in less than 15 minutes then do the next thing or just check your phone, or make a coffee, or whatever.

My example day today:

07:30 – Morning Ritual (pretend to wake up at first alarm but press snooze at least once, coffee, journal, breakfast)

09:00 – Walk the dog

09:30 – BBG Arm workout

10:15 – Vacuum

10:30 – Call KLM and confirm flight details

10:45 – Clean Kitchen

11:15 – Plot out schedule with hotel space for classes and email proposition

11:45 – Personal Admin (that had been procrastinated over for a year)

12:00 – Rewrite Content

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Write blog post (the one you are reading)

15:30 – Banking

15:45 – Recipe post

16:00 – Start Dinner (this 3 hour long one, but only takes a short time to prepare.)

16:30 – Meet Landlord and organise storage space

17:00 – Publish Post

17:30 – Fold laundry

18:00 – Chill out

You will be amazed at how efficient you will become and how many of those “I will get to it” tasks you will find yourself checking off your list.

I hope it works for you like it has for me.

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