You were one of the smart ones who started their “summer body workout plan” while it was actually still winter, not 1 week before summer where some of us started desperately flipping through instagram and fitness sites in hopes of some sort of quick fix.

Hate to break it to you…but there isn’t a quick fix.

I am not here to dash your summer body dreams, but I am a realist. So now, to address those smarty-pants people who managed to get in shape before setting off on summer vacay, or anyone wanting to battle the holiday bulge.

There is nothing quite like feeling your absolute best as you pack that bikini and short shorts into your suitcase but if you are anything like me you will start to think about keeping slim and trim while on vacation.

I despise when I am a few days, cocktails, puddings and loaves of bread into my holiday and already feel bloated and like I’ve lost ALL my gains. A huge part of this is mental of course, but not all of it.

Maybe you don’t have access to a gym or time to dedicate an hour and half to getting in and out with a substantial workout, after sleeping in until 10am. There are some serious ray-catching hours you are missing out on there! But what if I told you, if you could dedicate 20 min to a fat BLASTING workout either directly next to your bed or anywhere else nearby that may not have you ripped in seven days, but will help you keep off those extra holiday pounds and mentally have you feeling quite confident?

Your answer is either; “I’d love that” or “I’m sorry, I will be eating waffles in bed and not giving a dam.”

Either way, it’s up to you. But if you answered “I’d love that”, then read on.

HIIT. You’ve heard it, you might already love it, but HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can be done by anyone, but most importantly, can be done ANYWHERE. When you are doing HIIT the most important thing is to be doing each active moment at your MAXIMUM intensity to get the best benefits.

Research has shown that HIIT workouts cause your body to produce more mitochondria (which convert fuels like glucose and fats into usable energy). The more mitochondria, the better your muscles are at using oxygen to burn fuel for energy.

How do we put this into practice?

Choose 6 high intensity type exercises (below are some examples)ย 

– Jumping jacks

– Burpees

– High Knees (Running)

– Butt Kickers (Running)

– Box Jumps (or on the stairs)

– Tuck Jumps

– Squat Jumps

– Jump Lunges

– Running up stairs

– Mountain Climbers

– Squat and Press (holding something heavy)

– Alternating Reverse Lunges

– Walking Lunges

– Squats

– Push Ups

– Plank to Push Up

– Tricep Dips on a chair

Now that you have selected your exercises, spend 1 min jogging on the spot to warm up and then do your exercises one after another for 30 secondsย each with 10 seconds in between each exercise.ย 

Now REST for 1 minute

Repeat this four times. And before you know it, you have done 20 min.

Finish off (if you so please) with 1 plank + 2 side planks + 20 leg raises – Repeat TWICE.

Here’s my choice

1. Jumping Jacks 2. Jump Lunges 3. Mountain Climbers 4. Squat Jumps 5. High Knees 6. Butt Kickers

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