Introducing a simple way to replace your dairy

To make your own almond milk you will need the following:

A high powered blender (I prefer Kitchen Aid)
Blanched Almonds
Muslin cloth or a sieve or even a clean stocking to strain the mixture.
Boiling water (let it cool for a couple of minutes until it stops bubbling)
Place 1 cup of almonds in 750ml slightly cooled boiling water in your blender. Blend on high for about 3-5 minutes or until as many of the almonds are ground down.Get a jar or bottle or bowl and through your strainer, I prefer muslin cloth, pour the mixture in in small doses and squeeze out as much liquid as possible. It is HOT so wait for it to cool down.

The left over mush can be dried in an oven on the lowest temperature for a few hours and turned into almond meal.

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