So, according to Fitbit​ the minimum amount of steps we should be doing a day is 10 000. Before I got mine I thought I was easily doing that, but nay…incorrect.

When working out my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (as in how much can I eat before I am over eating)  I often find myself in a pickle. While selecting your weight and height etc on a TDEE/BMR calculator you are asked to select your activity levels…

For example

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.11.00 PM

Here is where I get stuck. I am very active in the gym, up to 6 days a week at least and for an hour at a time, so that’s the easy part. I am also a writer, so naturally I am sedentary a lot of the day. So where do I fit in? I often select Moderately active.

So what’s the problem? Living in Qatar we are typically used to driving ourselves everywhere, or valeting our cars and rarely carrying our own groceries. Can one hour of exercise a day account for 23 hours of not doing much? No, it cannot. This means there is a good chance that I am over estimating my activity levels and possibly consuming too many calories.

It is never going to be a perfect science, but what can we do to break the mould of the Qatar lifestyle and up our activity levels.

1. Wake up early and go for a walk or do one after work. I just did a 4km walk and covered about 6000 of my daily steps. It also refreshes your mind


That says 6739 steps FYI


I also did a HIIT workout along my walk

2. Get a fitbit that makes you feel judged every time you look at it

3. Don’t valet, park a little further.

4. Carry your own groceries

5. Set an alarm on your phone to get up and walk around the house or office

6. Walk to the shop if possible.


Of course it helps if you live on The Pearl

7. Go window shopping

8. Get online with your fitbit or whatever you use and have a competition with your friends to do the most steps in the day

9. ALWAY challenge yourself.

I hope that helps you think about your daily activities and gives you some ideas of how to increase your activity.

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