If you are looking for a personal trainer or personalised workout, please contact me:

Contact number: 00974 660 28830

*Please note, at the moment I am only offering one-on-one sessions in Ornex, Ferney-Voltaire and Geneva. Depending on what gym facilities you have available to you, I am happy to travel to you, or if you do not have any access, you can come to myΒ home.*

I offer:

– 1 hour one-on-one training session

– Dietary guidelines & food coaching (as I am not a qualified nutritionist, I am unable to prescribe you any supplements or eating plans for restricted diets for diabetics, celiacs, severely obese people, elderly, children etc.)

– Measurements (every month) *optional but recommended

– A log of progress photos

– A supportive place to help you be the best you can be


– For personalised workout plans to be done on your own, please enquire within as rates vary depending on your requirements.


**** PLEASE NOTE ****

I am not the type of personal trainer who will meet you for your one hour session and disappear until the next. I will be a constant presence in your life, to help motivate you and guide you to achieving your goals. I am in this business because of the change it has brought me and how happy it has made me; and I want to share that with you. If you are not seeing improvements, neither am I.


For this reason, my spaces are very limited, and I apologise if I am not able to accommodate you all.


Yours in health, fitness and cheat days…

Jess x

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