I am bEGGing you to try this before you judge it…

Eating 5-6 small meals every day can be a challenge, even though to the typical dieter that may seem like the total opposite to what their calorie restricted diet has led them to believe. The most important part of constantly fueling your body, is that you fuel it with the right type of food.

Would you drive into your local gas station in your Bentley and fill it with old gas from a rusted tin with bits of gunk floating in it?

I hope not.

This little snack is so simple, even the worst cook can make it. It combines the protein powers; eggs and cottage cheese. The average egg contains 6 grams of protein, not to mention an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals. Cottage cheese, per 100g has 11g of protein and only 98 calories.

What you need:

2 boiled eggs

2 tblsp cottage cheese

1 tsp Basil pesto (or any other pesto you like)

2 Ryvita/ rice cakes

Quick and easy protein packed snack

Pesto Eggs on Ryvita


– Pop eggs in warm water and put on the stove, once it starts to boil (bubble) start timing 5 minutes. Take pot off the stove and run under cold water. Leave to rest in cold water

– Mix cottage cheese with basil in a bowl

– Peel eggs and chop into small pieces

– Mix together and add some black pepper and salt if you like

– Spoon onto two Ryvita

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